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Dear brother / sister,
First of all, the club Former Vietnam students in Japan (JAV) should be sent to him / her warmest greetings. Former Club Vietnam students in Japan were established on 10.05.2001 by Decision No. 12 / QD VN-Japan Friendship Association Chairman of Vietnam – Japan. As a member organization of Vietnam Friendship Association – Japan with the name in English is the Vietnam Association of Japan Alumni (called VAJA), and the name in Japanese is ベ ト ナ ム 元 日本 留学生 協会. Since 2006, the English name of the club was changed to Japan Alumni of Vietnam (JAV). The purpose and main tasks of JAV is:
(1) Promotion of exchanges, meetings and cooperation between the former students have studied, studied in Japan. Strengthen exchanges with the Japanese and the former school teacher, organize academic activities, exchanges in the industry and across industries, establish and promote opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, multi fields between the members and with other agencies, partners of Vietnam and Japan;
(2) promote activities to enhance mutual understanding, relations of friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, especially in the field of education – training, science – technology, communication cultural, etc;
(3) Implement practical activities to support students, students from Vietnam to study, research and exchanges in Japan. Establish relations and exchanges with the Japanese community in Vietnam, introduced the culture of the two countries, held scientific conferences and other forms of cooperation;
(4) Participate actively and effectively the activities of the Alumni organization in Japan as ASCOJA, Asia, JASSO, or the organization of Japan in Vietnam in terms of cultural exchange – science techniques such as Japan Foundation, JICE, VKCO, VJCC, … to implement exchange programs, scholarship programs, student exhibitions, etc;
(5) As an active member of the Vietnam Friendship Association – Japan, contribute to promoting friendly relations between the two countries, will respond positively to the exchanges by Vietnamese Friendship Association – Japan and by Ambassador Japanese Consulate in Vietnam organizations, etc.
The benefits of membership JAV:
When becoming a member of JAV, he / she will be entitled to the following benefits:
Be to contribute generally to the development of relations of cooperation Vietnam – Japan Promoted the achievements gained while studying abroad in Japan To participate in the program dedicated to former students in Japan by the Embassy of Japan and the agencies of the Government of Japan held as ASCOJA, Asia, JASSO, JICE, VKCO, VJCC … The exchange is to meet with Japanese community in Vietnam and senior officials of the Japanese government. Exchanges met with Vietnam Alumni in Japan To participate in programs organized by JAV exclusively for members (or high priority for members). Stemming from the above purposes, the Board Chairman of the Club Alumni of Vietnam in Japan would like to invite him / her to make quick enrolling to become an official member of JAV. Support him / her is a huge contribution to promote the activities of further JAV upward and achieved many significant accomplishments in the future. To become an official member of JAV ask him / her please complete the registration information form is attached below and participated in activities with JAV. Last words, on the occasion of New Year 2016, on behalf of all members of the club board of Vietnam Former students in Japan (JAV) to wish him / her a new year of health, prosperity and success.
Thank you very much!




Kính gửi: Ban chủ nhiệm Câu lạc bộ Cựu lưu học sinh Việt Nam tại Nhật Bản (VAJA)

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