Vietnam Association of Japan Alumni (VAJA) was established by decision No. 12/QD VN-NB dated May 10th, 2001 of the President of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association and held on May 19, 2001. VAJA is a member organization of the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association with the first English name is Vietnam Association of Japan Alumni (VAJA), and Japanese name is ベトナム元日本留学生協会. The English name has been changed to Japan Alumni of Vietnam (JAV) since 2006. And in 2020, it was changed back to Vietnam Association of Japan Alumni (VAJA).
The purpose and main tasks of VAJA:
(1) Promotion of exchanges, meetings and cooperation between the former students who have studied in Japan. Strengthen of exchanges with the Japanese former school and teacher, organization of academic activities, inter industry and inter industries’ exchanges, establishing and promoting opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, multi fields between the members, with other agencies and partners of Vietnam and Japan;
(2) promoting activities to enhance mutual understanding, relations of friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, especially in the field of education – training, science – technology, cultural exchange, etc;
(3) Implementing practical activities to support Vietnam pupils and students who study, research and exchange in Japan. Establishing relations and exchanges with the Japanese community in Vietnam, introducing the culture of two countries, holding scientific conferences and other cooperation;
(4) Participating in active and effective activities of the Alumni organization in Japan as ASCOJA, Asja, JASSO, or organization of Japan in Vietnam in terms of cultural exchange , technology – science such as Japan Foundation, JICE, VKCO, VJCC, … to implement exchange programs, scholarship programs, student exhibitions, etc;
(5) As an active member of the Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association, contributing to promotion friendship relations between two countries, responding positively to the exchange actions which organized by Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association and Vietnam Embassy of Japan.
According to the regulation, VAJA has Executive Committee, including representative for many generations of Japan Alumni of Vietnam. In the first term (2001-2004), Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai- Congress representative, Vice Chairman of Science, Technology and Environment Committee, Secretary-General of the Parliamentary Union of the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association, was president. In the second term (2004-2007),the third term (2007-2010) and the fourth term (2010-2013) Ph.D Nguyen Ngoc Binh who is Director of Engineering and Technology University – Hanoi National University, was President. Executive Committee also include representatives of alumni groups or clubs in Ho Chi Minh City (JUACH), Hue, Da Nang, Can Tho, Thai Nguyen, etc.
On November 6, 2010, VAJA conducted the 4th congress for 2010 – 2013 term, reviewed and evaluated the third term results, formulated the fourth term plan. Currently Executive Committee of the 4th term has 17 people.
Over 10 years since it was founded, with help of the authorities, especially Japan Embassy in Hanoi and Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association- belonging to Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations(VUFO), VAJA has hosted and participated in many activities which contributes to strengthening friendship relation and comprehensive cooperation between two countries. These activities include notably as follows:
– Vietnamese alumni delegation attended the 14th Congress of ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) which was held in Philippines from July 17-22, 2001 with the role of the observer. In the next years, VAJA’s delegation always attended the 15th ASCOJA Congress (in 2003 in Malaysia), the 16th Congress (in 2005 in Singapore) as an observer. From the 17th Congress (in 2007 in Indonesia) VAJA joined as an official member of ASCOJA;
– VAJA Representatives participated in a meeting with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in Thailand on January 11, 2002; Joined with ASJA / ASCOJA union to meet Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda in Tokyo on June 26, 2008 and many other meetings with Japanese diplomatic and educational officials;

– VAJA is the founder of Japan-Vietnam Geoinformatics Consortium (JVGC) on November 20, 2001 and has organized international workshops on Geographic Information Systems and information technology application in the field of investigation, planning and exploitation of natural resources, environmental protection, disaster prevention, for the sustainable development of the country. The workshop was held in Hanoi on September 25-28, 2002 with the participation of many international scientists, including 30 Japanese scientists. Since then the group JVGC further developed and now become an annual activity between the geoinformatics scientists of Vietnam and Japan.
– Since 2005, with the continuous and effective activities, ASCOJA proposed VAJA to become member of ASCOJA to fully participate in the activities of ASCOJA. With the recommendation of the Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association and the introduction of Japan Embassy in Vietnam, on March 10, 2006 ASCOJA Council officially recognized VAJA to be a member of ASCOJA as from 1/4/2007. Since then, VAJA president is the both VAJA representative in ASCOJA and Director of ASJA International under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan;
– In September 2007, a delegation of VAJA attended the 17th ASCOJA Conference in Indonesia on ASCOJA’s 30th establishment anniversary, as an official delegates. VAJA is always positive and active in the activities of ASJA International and ASCOJA such as selecting candidates to receive ASJA postgraduate scholarship in Japan; selecting Secondary and High Schools’ pupils to visit and cultural exchange at Secondary and high schools in Toyota City, Japan; introducing alumni who has come back country from Japan for over 5 years but not have condition to return Japan to attend “TSUDOI” Festival every year, introducing the entrepreneurs who is an alumni to participate in exchange in Japan, etc. So far, VAJA has sent dozens of students to attend activities such as tours, exchanges and discussions with former teachers and school through the activities of ASJA / ASCOJA. In the next years, VAJA will further promote these activities;
– From 2007 till now, VAJA has reviewed and sent to Japan with five people to study Masters under ASJA/MEXT scholarship, 1 person to study for a Ph.D. from April, 2011, 12 Secondary students and 2 teachers to join cultural exchange in Toyota city Secondary schools under Junior Program In 2008 and 2009,1 businessman to join exchange in 2011, two students to exchange in Thailand on December 10, 2011, 6 students to exchange in Hiroshima, Japan on November 10-11, 2011. September, 2011 VAJA received a Japanese exchanges group, including 27 secondary students (chuugakusei) and 3 teachers in charge from Toyota City to exchange in Hanoi from 12th to 22th of September, 2011. In 2012 VAJA sent 10 students from Universities in Vietnam to join exchange program in Japan according to JPS-2012 of MEXT Program, introducing 6 secondary school students and one Japanese teacher in charge to join exchange in Japan through NIYE-2012 program, introducing 10 alumni of engineering for ODA projects of JICA in Vietnam as the experts, etc. Currently VAJA is actively preparing to select 30 elite Japanese faculty students from universities to join exchange program in Japan according to Kizuna-2013 in March, 2013, selecting students to learn master in japan, etc.
– In 2008, VAJA actively participates in the 35th anniversary of Vietnam and Japan diplomatic relations, organizes the exchange and visits together with the staffs of Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and the support organizations of Japan in Hanoi.
– Many Japanese universities have contacted and collaborated with VAJA to organize Japan Education Fairs, establishing a relationship with Vietnamese alumni, … Until now alumni groups such as JUACH in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Hue, Thai Nguyen were born in Vietnam, and those in areas of Japan or the Japanese universities such as Aichiken, KobeViet, Kyoto University, JAIST Institute, Toyohashi Engineering University, etc.
– Donating to support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan northern on November 3,2011 (Tohoku-KantohDaishinsai 2011), with the first time from 13th -18th of , March, 2011 was 200.000.000VND, the second time from 18th -28th of March, 2011 was 120.000.000VND. In particular, VAJA joined in Alumni Associations of France, Australia, England, Moldova to appeal to the donations support Japanese disaster victims from March 29th to October 4th , 2011, expressing the feelings of the alumni and many Vietnamese benefactors and other foreign countries for Japan. the alumni association will work together in other charitable activities in Vietnam and activities of exchange information, culture, science and technology among countries, etc.
Morever, VAJA also held meetings on the occasion of Japan National Day 23/12 and “spring meeting” on the occasion of Vietnamese students on the way to study in Japan,which is held annually at the end of March and at the end of September, going picnic with the staffs of Embassy of Japan and organizing the exchange in Hanoi, etc. Many of VAJA members actively participate in activities to promote culture education science exchange, Tanka and Haiku poetry translation and a number of other activities. VAJA also periodically issued newsletter to members and other Japanese agencies, organizations and companies in Vietnam.
In particular, VAJA is President of ASCOJA in the term 2011-2013 and President of ASCOJA 20 Conference in Hanoi on September 6th -9th , 2013 on the occasion of the 40-year-ASEAN-Japan relations and the 40-year-Vietnam Japan diplomatic relations. VAJA organized a very successful conference ASCOJA 2012 in Hanoi on August 8th , 2012 on the occasion of the 45-year Asean anniversary and 35-year-ASCOJA anniversary, preparing actively for SCOJA-20 Conference, etc.
Despite these diverse activities, these results are still very modest comparing with the potential and desire of the members of VAJA. Executive Committee will continue to try harder to gather more extensive amount of members to promote the development of VAJA and realize well the above purposes.
On this occasion, Executive Committee would like to thank the authorities of both countries for help to establish and develop VAJA, especially the regular direction of Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association and the precious dedicated help of Japan Embassy in Vietnam.
We believe that VAJA is more and more growing and there are many more practical and more effective activities, deserving to be a span of the bridge of Vietnam-Japan Friendship. We also look forward to receiving more attention and assistance of other organizations, authorities, eager colleagues, friends in Japan and Vietnam to build the Vietnam Japan friendship best “from heart to heart” and cooperation “act together and develop together”, contributing to develop the strategic relationship between Vietnam and Japan.
We would like to invite alumni who have ever studied abroad in Japan to be official members of VAJA to join in the above activities together.
VAJA office: P203, Vietbuilding, No.2 Doan Ke Thien Keo Dai, Cau Giay, Ha noi, Vietnam. Contact email address: vajaoffice@gmail.com.
More detail information about the activities of VAJA are posted on the website: http://vaja.vn
Hanoi, July 5, 2013

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