With the aim of connecting a large number of international students who have studied and researched at Kyushu University in Japan, according to the aspirations of the majority of the former international students that have been gathered through the contact process conducted by the Liaison Committee, on September 11, 2020, in Hanoi, The conference to establish the  “Vietnam Association of Kyushu University Alumni” (VAKA) was solemnly held.

Mr. Hoang Van Nhan gave the opening speech at the Conference

Attending directly at the conference were Mr. Hoang Van Nhan – Head of Representative Office of Kyushu University in Hanoi, Vice President of Vietnam Alumni Club in Japan (VAJA), President of Vietnamese Alumni Club in Fukuoka, Japan (VAFA); Mr. Phan Trung Nghia – Vice President and General Secretary of VAJA; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuong – Deputy Head of Communication Department of VAJA; Mr. Le Dinh Vinh, Vice President of the Vietnam Alumni Club in Fukuoka Japan (VAFA) and more than 20 alumni at Kyushu University (Kyudai) who are living and working in the state management agencies and enterprises in Hanoi.

This conference is the result of a long-term activity of a number of alumni at Kyushu University (Kyudai) in connecting and learning the aspirations of Kyudai alumni throughout the country and at the same time keeping in touch with former teachers at the school to respond to the policy of the University Board in creating a club gathering Vietnamese alumni of the School for the basic purposes of: maintaining the exchange and contact between former international students at Kyushu University in order to help each other in work, study and life; participating in supporting friendship exchange activities, training, scientific research and technology transfer between Kyushu University and Vietnamese universities; participating in supporting activities of Kyushu University, the universities in Fukuoka and the Fukuoka International Student Support Center (FiSSC) in Vietnam such as promotion of study, holding the Fukuoka cultural days in Vietnam; keeping good relationships and being willing to cooperate with Fukuoka companies and organizations operating in Vietnam, and conducting other friendly cultural activities to contribute to strengthening the friendly relationship between Vietnam and Japan.

This conference was jointly organized by the Liaison Committee and Kyushu University after a long delay due to the request of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention work. The conference was connected online with Professor Doctors Ogata Kazuo, Vice-Rector in charge of International Cooperation, Ms. Obata Yuriko from the International Cooperation Department, some teachers, and some international students also attended online, witnessing and congratulating the conference.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Hoang Van Nhan, a former student of Kyushu University and Head of Representative Office of Kyushu University in Vietnam, highlighted the interest of many former students of the Kyushu University towards the establishment of the former student club of Kyushu University, and thanks for the attention and assistance of the University Board to this event.

Mr. Le Dinh Vinh chaired the conference

The Organizing Committee solemnly introduced to the Conference the list of members of the Liaison Committee consisting of 20 people, developed by consultation method among more than 120 former students of Kyushu University in the country. Ph.D. Le Dinh Vinh (Director of Vietthink Law firm) was elected as the Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Kyushu University Alumni; Assoc. Ph.D. Ta Cao Minh (Hanoi University of Technology) and Assoc. Ph.D. Bui Quoc Lap ((Irrigation University) was elected as the Vice President of the Association. The Liaison Committee has also assigned the members to be in charge of the Association’s Communication, Finance, and External Relations Subcommittees. In addition to the presidents and vice presidents who are living and working in Hanoi, the Liaison committee also has representatives in Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, in some units such as the Agriculture University, Can Tho University, and in some other career sectors.  Due to the working conditions, many members who were not present directly to the Conference sent their congratulations to the Conference and the promise of determination to well implement the Rules and Programs of the Association activities to achieve the goals and the meaning of the Association.

The representatives of VAKA Executive Committee debuted in front of the online camera, broadcasting live to Kyushu University

The participants of the Conference were very excited to hear online the speeches from Principal Kubo Chiharu, Vice-Rector Ogata Kazuo, and Ms. Obata Yuriko of Kyushu University, expressing their joy of meeting the former students and pass their congratulations on success to the Conference, with delegates and all alumni health and success.

As well as the establishment and activities of some associations of Vietnamese alumni from some Japanese universities, the Vietnam Association of Kyushu University Alumni also identifies itself as a member of the Vietnam Association of Japan Alumni, having specific activities according to the trained professionals and in joint activities, serving the goals and principles of VAJA.

Vice-Principal Kazuo Ogata and Dr. Yuriko Obata were talking to the meeting online

On behalf of the Vietnam Alumni Club in Japan to speak at the Conference, Associate Professor-Dr. Phan Trung Nghia expressed his pleasure in acknowledging the interest of the international student community in Japan in the development of relationships aimed at strengthening solidarity, creating the opportunities for the development of the careers that have been trained, and contributing to strengthening Vietnam-Japan friendship. The activities of the alumni clubs of the universities will further enrich the activities of VAJA and will contribute to the overall success of VAJA.

Mr. Phan Trung Nghia and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuong spoke to the Conference and celebrated VAKA

The conference was closed with the excitement and belief of the delegates to join hands to strive for the community of Kyushu University former students to achieve more and more success in career development, enhancing the solidarity exchange and contribute to strengthening the friendship between Vietnam and Japan.

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