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International Conference in Thailand

Japan Alumni of Vietnam (JAV) Attended the International Conference held by OJSAT in Bangkok – Thailand

On February 19th – 20th, 2016, at Asia Hotel Bangkok – Thailand, Old Japanese Students’ Association, Thailand (OJSAT) held the International Conference on “The Situation and Role of ASCOJA chapters in promoting Japanese Language for business Practice under AEC Context”. This is the 3rd conference among the series of specialized conferences organized by ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan through holding ASJA(Asia Japan Alumni)International (in which JASE- Japanese Association of Special Education was hosted by Japan Alumni of Vietnam on December 11th– 12th, 2015 as the first meeting). The Conference was attended by representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, leaders of the Japan Foundation in Thailand, Asja International Secretary- General, the President of ASCOJA, representatives of 10 ASEAN Councils of Japan Alumni and reporters who were invited by the 10 countries. The Conference attracted the participation of nearly 200 researchers, teachers and students in Thailand who were involved in or interested in Japanese language education.


Assoc. Prof.  & Dr. Ngo Minh Thuy (inward), Assoc. Prof.  Do Hoang Ngan (outward)

There were two Vietnamese participants into the Conference: Prof. Assoc. Ngo Minh Thuy – the President of Japan Alumni of Vietnam, Vice- Rector of the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Prof. Assoc. Do Hoang Ngan – a member of the Executive Committee of the Club, Deputy Manager of the Department of Science and Technology, the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi

In the main session of the Conference on February 20th, after the opening speech of Dr. Samran- OJSAT President, Mr Kobayashi Shigeki – Head of Culture and Communications of Japan Embassy in Thailand congratulated the Conference and represented the Japanese Government to raise the high appreciation for the activities of ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni and expressed his expectations of the development of Japan – ASEAN collaborative relationships and the role of ASEAN Councils of Japan Alumni in this work.

At the Conference, the attendees heard 11 topic-related reports made by the guests and reporters from countries.


Assoc. Prof. Do Hoang Ngan

Report of the Vietnam delegations was presented by Assoc. Prof. Do Hoang Ngan on the Japanese educational situation in Vietnam in general and the teaching situation of specialized Japanese language (business Japanese, tourism Japanese etc …) in Vietnam in particular. The report highlighted the characteristics and the development of Japanese language education in Vietnam, the demand for human resources using Japanese in general and using specialized Japanese in particular as well as satisfaction level to such demands and the difficulties that Vietnam is facing in the process of training of human resources in Japanese. The report also gave the solutions to improving the situation, including measures to enhance the exchange and cooperation among ASEAN countries and between ASEAN countries and Japan.

The reports at the Conference painted an overall and varied picture of the situation Japanese Language Education in Southeast Asian countries, contributing to the success of the Conference.


At the end of the Conference, President Ngo Minh Thuy attended the meeting of ASCOJA and ASJA leaders to prepare for the upcoming 22nd Conference of ASCOJA held in Malaysia in September, 2016 and to discuss the contents of the coming annual meeting of ASCOJA and ASJA leaders organized in Japan. After the Conference, on the evening of February 20th, delegates attended a Party held by OJSAT.  After a day of hard work and efficiency, the reporters and the participants of the Conference had cozy, intimate and emotional moments of exchanges. See more photos on the Conference at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2zIOP5dneY4d0JHQ2VkOGNtRUU&usp=sharing

International Conference in Thailand
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