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The 16th ASJA-ASCOJA Symposium “The Fourth Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0”-a great success

On 6th-7th February 2020, the annual ASJA- ASCOJA symposium occurred in Manila Philippine. Attending this symposium, there were a large number of representatives from 7 different countries including Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Japan, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The delegation of Vietnam (JAVA) has two members leading by PhD. Dang Quy Nhan. The success of the seminar showed as one of many effective operations of ASJA-ASCOJA and JAVA.

The symposium started with a welcome speech by the representative of the host country, Mrs. Junelyn A. Pagunsan – president of the Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) and a warm speech by Mr. H.E. Gotaro Ogawa- director executives of Japan International Student Association of Asia countries. Beside of ASJA- ASCOJA participants, the symposium attracted the representatives of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines and much of members in the role of sponsors.

The theme of 16th symposium, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0”-FIRe, has attracted many research papers and the participation of hundreds of international guests as well as host countries of the Philippines. Opening speaker by Prof. Yoshinori Fujikawa, from Japan, presented the topic “Lens 1-2-3, Are You Ready for Post –Digital Future?”. His presentation was strongly designed to expose the audience to today’s increasingly digitizing world and to help them to see potentially disruptive implications for all aspects of human activities, consciousness, work and communication. Next to the presentation of Japan representative was many other speakers from other countries following 3 sessions: (i) Science and Technology -Core of FIRe; (ii) Connectivity, IoT and Integrated Society; (iii) Human Resources and the Ecosystems. The representative of Vietnam delegation, PhD. Phi Thi Diem Hong, member of JAVA presented her research in titled “Enhancing Accounting Workforce in FIRe-the case of SMEs in Vietnam”. Surprisingly, the presentation of Vietnam received a great attention of many participants. Actually, many questions were raised to Vietnamese delegation immediately after speaking section, especially in the coffee break time. Many audiences frankly wish to cooperate in extending researches and learn more about the Vietnam situation.

The main discussion has been ended after Professor Hon. Henry ‘s presentation namely “Continuing the Journey: Surviving FIRe with the 4Cs”. His speech strongly highlighted the 4Cs including: (i) Character –embracing the new norm of adapting to a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous social landscape requires a paradigm shift in the concepts and practices of how something works or is accomplished; (ii) Competency-being functionally adequate or having sufficient knowledge, strength and skill takes on a different meaning  as it ties capabilities to the evolving corporate culture and business landscape; (iii) Communication –the emergence of digital natives, people who enjoy highly personalized experience, is changing the communication platform and dynamics as we manage the channels of transmitting and receiving messages for understanding to achieve desired results; (iv) Collaborative –people are comfortable working in a team based networked environment, cooperate with competitors, deal across cultures, and navigate complex markets. After that, a farewell party as closing program held on the evening of February 7, 2020 in the joyful atmosphere, sharing and cooperation of the members from all attending delegations. Following the symposium program, the Vietnamese delegation accepted to attend the next ASJA-ASCOJA’s general meeting of members that plan to organize in October 2020 in Singapore, beside of actively reporting on success results of the national general meeting in late 2019 as well as the changes on the name of association (from JAV to JAVA)

Some other pictures about Symposium Activities:

The 16th ASJA-ASCOJA Symposium “The Fourth Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0”-a great success
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